Hearing from London’s one in ten

Hearing from London’s one in ten

A major new research study of housing association residents launches today.

The g15, a group of London’s largest housing associations, have commissioned a major new study which will identify the key current challenges facing affordable housing residents and give a public voice to the one in ten Londoners they represent.

This ground-breaking study will follow the lives of housing association residents across the capital providing an insight into their hopes and aspirations, and will carry out more than 1,500 quantitative interviews as well as 60 in-depth qualitative interviews.

The longitudinal study will explore the impact of welfare reform and the current difficult economic climate on affordable housing residents in London.  As well as identifying the specific challenges they face, it will also highlight the role these ordinary Londoners play in their local communities.

Led by Dr Julie Rugg, the independent research is being carried out by the Centre for Social Housing Policy at the University of York.

Residents will also have the opportunity to tell their own stories, illustrating the whole range of different experiences of Londoners who live in affordable housing.

Brendan Sarsfield, Chair of the g15, said:

“We want to be able to identify the challenges that our residents face and give a voice to the one in ten people in the capital who we house. This will allow people to hear more about the experiences of ordinary Londoners living in housing association homes.

“Welfare reform represents one of the greatest challenges for our residents in the coming years. By commissioning this independent research we want to understand what the impact will be, and whether the changes will positively or adversely affect the one in ten Londoners that we house.”