g15 supports the Yes to Homes campaign

g15 supports the Yes to Homes campaign

g15 supports the Yes to Homes campaign, to encourage Londoners to add their voice to the campaign for building new homes to meet the demand for housing.

London is in the middle of a housing shortage that shows little sign of abating. House prices have risen to the point where an entire generation is struggling to afford a home.

In our cities, many people can’t afford to rent a home in the neighbourhoods where they grew up. In the countryside, homes are more expensive than in cities and towns, and often beyond the means of local people.

We need to build more of the right homes, in the right place, at the right price.

We don’t hear about it at lot, but the decisions about housing are being made locally, by local people and local councillors. While councillors are the ones that hold the keys to unlocking this problem, they need you to tell them it matters.

It only takes a handful of people to hold their local councillors to account on building new homes. What you can do right now is email your local councillors and add your voice to the campaign that’s saying Yes to Homes in your community.

Support this campaign by emailing your local councillor via the Yes to Homes website, or watch the video above.