Finding solutions for London’s housing crisis?

Finding solutions for London’s housing crisis?

Family Mosaic hosted its own ‘housing strategy’ event this week where key people from London’s housing sector got together to discuss solutions to London’s growing housing crisis.

The interactive day featured contributions from chief executives, think tanks, housebuilders, and our own tenants. Some of those who joined us represent younger Londoners –“Priced Out” and “Generation Rent”.

We set ourselves the task of writing a strategy in a day – and despite the wide and diverse range of views, we came to a consensus – namely that supply, demand and use of our existing properties are of equal importance – but supply needs a step change if it is going to have an impact.

It’s clear that the existing strategies are too short-term and London desperately needs a long-term plan that helps build the volume needed, sustains it and uses the homes for the benefit of Londoners. We need to act now, for the sake of the next generation, and so London remains a world city – there is no one single, simple solution: instead we need to think of a strategic, multifaceted approach, from developing new products to encourage downsizing and improving the speed of delivery of new homes, to targeting property taxes more effectively and remodel existing properties to increase density.

We intend to use the outcomes to formulate a collaborative outline strategy for participants to help complete over the coming months. We hope the day stimulates further debate and our strategy is seen as key to tackling the escalating housing crisis in London.

Please see our twitter feed #fmhs14 to see some of the key discussion topics and add thoughts to the debate.