Our policy priorities

  • To press government to deliver on its commitment to release public land for development, preferably on terms that will enable housing associations to take the lead.


  • To broaden the range of housing we offer to meet the diverse demands of Londoners. Our priority remains to provide more rented housing for low income households. However, low cost home ownership and other market related schemes will have growing importance.


  • To make the economic case for investing in affordable housing.


  • To press the case for a more comprehensive review of social and affordable rent policy to deliver a system that is truly affordable, striking a fairer balance between the rents of current and future tenants that also recognises the impact of welfare reform.


  • To evaluate the impact of the government’s housing and welfare policies on Londoners. In particular, to ensure that exceptional housing and living costs are understood.


  • To promote the value to Londoners of the wide social mission of independent housing associations and the historic importance of our charitable and independent status.