The g15 in 2017-18

By March 2021 the g15 will start building 42,000 new affordable homes in London. The charts below show how we did in 2017/18. For our more recent figures for the period covering 2018/19, please click here.

Figures for 2017-18:

Handovers in 2017-18:

Starts in 2017-18:

The g15 in Q4 of 2017-18

Handovers in Q4 of 2017-18:

image: handovers in q4

Starts in Q4 of 2017-18:


The g15 in Q3 of 2017-18

Handovers in Q3 of 2017-18:

Starts in Q3 of 2017-18:


The g15 in Q2 of 2017-18

Handovers in Q2 of 2017-18:

Starts in Q2 of 2017-18:


The g15 in Q1 of 2017-18

Handovers in Q1 of 2017-18:

Starts in Q1 of 2017-18: