g15 in numbers

By March 2021 the g15 will start building 42,000 new affordable homes in London. The charts below show how we’re doing so far.

To find out about the range of homes g15 provide please click here to read a series of case studies.

The g15 in Q4 of 2017-18

Handovers in Q4 of 2017-18:

image: handovers in q4

Starts in Q4 of 2017-18:


The g15 in Q3 of 2017-18

Handovers in Q3 of 2017-18:

Starts in Q3 of 2017-18:


The g15 in Q2 of 2017-18

Handovers in Q2 of 2017-18:

Starts in Q2 of 2017-18:


The g15 in Q1 of 2017-18

Handovers in Q1 of 2017-18:

Starts in Q1 of 2017-18:


The g15 in 2016-17

In 2016-17:

  • g15 delivered one third of all housing starts by Housing Associations nationally
  • g15 delivered one quarter of all completions delivered by Housing Associations nationally
  • In London, g15 delivered around 8 in 10 of all Housing Association starts and completions.

Handovers in 2016-17:

Starts in 2016-17:

G15 at a glance