About us

g15 is the group of London’s largest housing associations which house one in ten Londoners and build one in four new homes.

We are charitable organisations with a social mission to provide as many good quality homes as possible that are affordable for ordinary Londoners. As independent social businesses, we plough all our profits back into building new homes, improving our existing housing stock, and delivering services to our residents and communities.

Collectively, we house around one in ten Londoners and manage around 550,000 homes. We build approximately 10,000 new homes every year.

Our central objective is to build diverse communities, where people want to live. To this end, we combine our housing work with a variety of innovative community and economic development programmes worth over £40m a year.

This includes work on employment, skills, education, health and wellbeing, volunteering, financial inclusion, family intervention, welfare benefits support, supporting older and vulnerable people and engaging younger people.

We work closely with central, regional, and local government; with private and voluntary partners; and with our residents to improve the quality of life for Londoners.